Nobody's Looking

There has been a study conducted, sorry I forgot the name and I am not going to research for it (if you do not believe me search for yourself lol), anyways this study was conducted and the conclusion was that people work harder when being watched. Is this hard for you to believe? Well not for me, I have been the employee and employer seeing first hand that this is a fact. I for one though never cared if someone was watching me or not, I knew what my job was and did it. Now do not get me wrong I was efficient, effective, and tried my hardest to get my job done....and then I played around. I refuse to sit here and lie to you all and say I never slacked off and am the world's best employee, but I can say my job performance has not been an issue. I probably do this because I have been on the boss side and expect my employees to do the same for me.

As a child, my parents never told me what would happen if I made bad grades. What they did was rewards me for making good grades and that always motivated me to continue doing good. I took this into my work habits. Now that I am working on my own site and show, I have had the chance to show people what I can do. Well there have been a few people whom own companies and reached out to me with job offers/affiliations...why? Well what they saw was someone who did a job without even knowing people are watching. I support everyone that reaches out to me and/or supports what I do. I know there are many people that have websites and blogtalk shows, but that does not bother me. I feel that what I do is different (I refuse to add celebrity gossip and/or drama to my site) and my show is more of an online talk show then a music station (YES, I play music and yes sometimes I have guests, but the show is for conversation)....

My advice to you all this Maniac Monday is please be the best employee/employer/person you can be even when you think nobody is looking. I will say we never know who is watching us and what may come of it. An opportunity may be lurking and you may get it or lose it because of what you do or do not do. I hope that you all understand word of mouth travels very fast and you will want people to think the best of you at all times.

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