Today's post is really hard for me to talk about...Why? I will be using me MIAMI HEAT as an example. Anyways I want to talk about the importance of teamwork and support. For the most part everyone wants to achieve a level of success. There are some people who want to make it to the top of the ladder, some are ok with being in the middle, and for some odd reason there are some people who are alright with being at the bottom. I would like to discuss all three of these people. I will begin with the ones that I really have no idea why they are the way they are, that is the ones who are at the bottom and have no desire of getting out. I am not very old and some people tend to think that I have no clue as to what I am talking about at times. In my lifetime though, I have met people from all backgrounds, financial status, and smarts (street/books). There are people in this world content with being what we know and have become accustomed to referring to as "bottom feeders"...they are just fine with eating the scraps from other peoples leftovers and go through life not wanting much more. Most of the people I have come into contact with that are bottom feeders live this lifestyle due to either no education, no motivation, and/or no self-will. I am drawn to them because I have a slight "save a person" mentality (I am working on breaking that habit). It took me a while, but I realized it does not matter how much support and encouragement you provide these people they are already to broken up to accept what you are saying and push, they would rather you pay their way.

Secondly we have out middle people and this is the main category of the world. These are the people that want to have a nice car, possibly own some property, send some kids to college, and hopefully along the way put enough money away to travel and retire with. These are the people we want to build a team with. These people have goals and desires, but they do not want the responsibility and/or headache of being at the top. The middle ladder individual has no problem though helping someone else reach to the top as long as along the way their personal achievements are fulfilled. This is where building a team and support comes into play. If you are an individual that wants to make it to the highest level possible, you will need a team. You might have an idea and the intelligence to come up with something very innovative, but without a team you will probably not make much of it.

Third the people up at the top (take a second and wave hello to them)...most of the individuals that I follow on twitter that are already at a level I would like to achieve have an extensive number of players on their team. <<>> uhhh I am so sad to write these words, but here goes. The Miami Heat build what the called a dream team, which in my biased opinion did a lot better than many people thought they would during the pre-season. What went wrong? Well when you build a team full of "top level" people sometimes egos and personal agendas get in the way of successful growth. Of course their are some people out here that can set aside egos and understand that by working together we achieve more. I have a personal goal, but I have teamed up with and am always looking to team up with other successful people whom we can help each other along the way.

I say all this to give you the main message of the day. When we have a vision and a clear set of goals we can go a lot further by teaming up with people. There is no need to hate and knock others down on the same journey as us. There will always be competition and it is a great thing, because that moves us to fight harder and push further. Do not worry about the next man, instead try extending a hand and seeing what you two may be able to achieve when putting your efforts together. Keep in mind though not everyone that comes on the team are their to assist you in making it to the next level, so keep an eye out for the snakes. Do not shut everyone out though and never assume the pie is only big enough for one person to eat.

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