Do not listen

I officially have had the experience of dealing with a hater. People think just because someone does not like what they do the person is hating. Let me explain something hating is when the person does not even give what you do a chance and just start bad mouthing it. Well I am here to say that regardless if a person dislikes what you do, that should not bother you. Now if a person gives you their opinions on how to perfect your craft then that equals constructive criticism<----do you see the difference? I do a segment on my show called "bump it or dump it" some of the people that submit music only listen to my show during this segment and if we do not like their music they get mad and bad mouth my show. The sad part is they judge my show based on if we like their music or not and that to me is hating. We never just tell people you suck, but we tell them what we feel they need to work on and some people can not handle that.

I was almost to the point of cancelling that segment from the show all together, but my co-hosts reminded me that we do receive some good music from some individuals whom are ready to take music by storm. We do not bad mouth people just because it sounds good. There are those who say who am I to judge them, am I an expert....well I am someone who plays instruments, understands about quality, and have the connections to get you to the point of where you will get major exposure. I just do not understand, but it reminds me of the American Idol rejects and how mad they get because they hear no. I have gotten negative feedback from my show and I did not get mad at the person, but went back and changed a few things about my show. The message today is do not listen to someone who truly did not give you a chance to show off your skills, but make sure you are not throwing away good advice from a person generally trying to help you along the way. Not everyone saying you are hot means it, some just love you to much to tell you the truth and not everyone saying you need a little more work is hating.

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