On more again: What you say

I am bringing this post back from January because it was a main topic of discussion on last night's show. There is someone out there who probably has not read this and needs to.

I wrote a blog a few months back about how powerful our words are and today I want to take that a bit further. We sometimes mess things up, not by what we say, but by how we say it. The littlest things can sound so bad if expressed in a certain manner. The hardest and ugliest thing can sound so soothing, if we express it correctly and with finesse. Our tone and voice can make or break a relationship. Think of something you have said before that after it came out your mouth you said, “I am so sorry that came out wrong, or I did not mean that to come out that way.” We have all been in that predicament one time or another. I know that if I just say things I am harsh and have the easiest capabilities of hurting feelings. I know that is why I prefer to write. When I write I think, I proofread, and make sure I am expressing myself in the best manner and only then, do I send or submit my writing. This takes me to another point…texting and e-mail messages, many people argue or take things the wrong way because of how another person interprets the message we are sending.
What exactly is a conversation? In a conversation you have the sender who encodes the message (writes or speaks) and then you have the receiver who will decode (listener or reader). We then swap these roles to receive our response. In all forms of conversation, we deal with noise…which is any distraction that can mess up or change what your initial message was. This can be actual people, the caps lock key, and how the receiver interprets your message. We have to try our best to become better communicators, because not only our personal relationships, but also business relationships depend on this. As a people, we have to be better communicators and message senders/receivers.
Ms. Breezy

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