My post today is so simple you guys may be just a little disappointed with me. I really just want to say that I am happy. I have been working hard and people are noticing. There was definitely a time that I thought about stopping everything, but I pushed past it and told myself I could do it. I know I am not at the point of major achievement yet, but the love I am getting and the people that are messaging me to work with me is wonderful. The best thing I can honestly say about me is I know how to bounce back from a fall. Life has not been easy for me, of course it has not been the hardest, but I am truly on my way to achieving goals that I have had since I was a little girl. My ultimate goal is to own my own business, provide for my family, and travel the world. Right now I can say I own my own business, not at the point where I am providing for my family, but I know if I stay with it I will be able to, and I have been to two continents. My to-do list never shrinks, I always push for more and a slip is nothing but the little jump start I need to push harder. I always give my readers a weekend homework assignment and this week is no different, I would like you to make a list of everything you have accomplished and a list of what you still want to accomplish. Do not look at the troubles, just like at where you went right in life....I bet it will make you happy and motivate you to work harder to cross more off the want to accomplish list. Have a happy weekend and remember to check back in with me Monday.
Much Love,

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