Learn from it

Man I slipped and fell on some stuff; so I get up, clean it, and will not fall again!<----simple, huh? Well why do we not apply this simple solution to our many different life issues. If we are at a job and it is not going anywhere, we do not like what we do, we do not feel challenged, and are just overall unhappy....why do we continue to apply for the same type of job. If we are in school taking a major that we have already determined is not the career we want to pursue in life, why not look into other options. I had a terrible habit of dating the same type of man, they all looked very different, but all had the same nasty attitude. I used to think to myself "why am I dating this same mess, but in a new person" well it was what I considered normal and comfortable, but I hated it.

I decided that I was going to apply that simple clean-up solution into other aspects of my life. I know what career I want and so I became proactive in seeking employment with those companies. My educational goals have been the same since I was young and they remain the same (I have already completed phase one). Now my love-life or lack there of will be a little bit harder to fix, but my solution was to become comfortable with being by myself. I have never really been alone, I always had a guy I was talking to and that took away from me having to deal with my terrible choice in companionship. I have been alone for over one-year now and my personal growth has doubled or tripled within that time. I am much more positive and healthy...not saying that these men stopped me from being that, but when you are linked up with someone, in my opinion, it takes away the ability to correct your own behavior. I will never blame someone else for my poor choice and the men in my life all taught me something, they just were not the right fit for me. I am friends with almost all of them, some I lost touch with and some are just better off out of my life, but in the end I am doing what is right for me and when I am complete than I know it will be time to add someone.

We need to understand that their are times that we need to be selfish in our decisions. We need to be completely satisfied with what we do, because if you are unhappy that will spill over into everything you do. I have friends that I have to prepare myself mentally to have a conversation with. Why? Well every conversation is about how bad their life is, how much they feel unloved, and why did these things happen to them. If I do not prepare myself, I will actually be upset by the end of it, so I tell them what I am telling you all. Life comes at us rather we want it to or not, we make the choices we feel are correct, but when it turns out to be the wrong choice we just have to clean it up. If we do not clean it up we will keep falling on that same mess over and over again.

Ms. Breezy

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