This post today is another one of my short and to the point writtings. I simply want you all to understand that showing appreciation for those that love and support us is one of the easiest things we can do that speaks volumes. You feel great when someone just calls to say they appreciate you, or they surprise you with a nice dinner, and or any other positive actions, so you should do the same for others. I saw many times people saying they lost a friend/family that meant a lot to them and they never fully showed them the appreciation or love that person deserved....well do not wait until the moment is right, or your money is right, just show them. I truly believe it is the thought that counts. I have people in my life that I show appreciation and love to on a daily basis, but there are some that I feel I need to step up my actions with. That being said evaluate what you are doing to people, how you are treating them, and most importantly think if you were that person. If you feel something in your actions toward them is lacking then do not make excuses, just make adjustments and do better. Hope this speaks to someone out there, because it definitely is something I need to do and as always I share with you what I feel.
Ms. Breezy

Ps....I appreciate all of you that take time to read my site, I appreciate those that leave comments, and I appreciate the ones that listen to us on-air. Thank you for being motivation to the BreezySays brand, you keep us going.

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