Not Cool!!!

I bet when you read the title you believe I am going to talk about what is not cool. Well today, I am talking about those who are considered weird or not cool by the popular or “in-style” people. What is that all about really? Who determines that this set of people are more in tune with what is happening then the other set? I will use one of the most known person on the internet today....Mark Zuckerberg<-----if you do not know who this man is, then you should not have a facebook account! Mark is one of the main people behind the social network site FACEBOOK (for those of you who are unaware). Based on the background given on Mark he is what you would call a nerd, a weirdo, a not cool person. He did not care what people thought about him though. He stuck to what he liked to do and built something that all the cool kids are using now.

What if Mark would have sat home, went to class, made good grades, but never went ahead with his idea? I am almost sure somebody would have thought of this and gotten it done, but he did it. We all have certain gifts and talents. I do not care if you heard that you are useless and not needed, that is a lie. We may not make proper use of our talents and never shine because of it, but believe me it is in there. Move past your insecurities and doubts, explore what you have even if it seems weird and not cool. Do not hide your talents from the world, I know that it is a crazy world and people seem ungrateful, but do not hold that against them. The world may not change because we want it to, but since that is true why not be your "not cool" self! If you have not gotten it the message for today is who cares if people think what you like to do is “not cool” do not lose your individuality.

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