I do not feel so good :(

Today's post is definitely short and sweet. I am not feeling good and I decided that I will take it light today. Not that I refuse to do anything, but life still keeps moving and there are some things I have to do...for example take care of my son. I will say this to you all though do not wait until you are old or sick to think of how you could have enjoyed life more. There is an old saying and I am not sure if I am quoting it correctly, but it states that "Life is wasted on the youth" me this means that when we become older we start to see many missed opportunities and may regret our choices of working so hard now. I definitely do not recommend coasting through life, but I do say take some vacation time, travel, spend time with family, and do things you are planning on doing when you get older. Why do I say this? Tomorrow is never promised and you may not make it through the end of this day. Anyways babes that is all I have for today. Sorry I do not feel good at all and will not be back until Monday (going to take my own advice and go see some family tomorrow and there is no internet service there). Think about what I said and try to make some adjustments.

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