Why are you knocking me down?

Have you ever noticed that some people love it when you are down? We sometimes like to tell ourselves that only "haters" do this, but there are times when even loved ones do this. Why? Well the old saying is misery loves company. This is very true, not only does misery love company, but some people are so content with where they are in life that they do not want you to be any closer to your dreams and goals. They pretend they want to see you succeed, but when you stumble they delight in that, instead of trying to help you get back up. I have come to realize that they do this because they are passing to you what they feel about themselves. If I go through life unhappy, unmotivated, and just down right mean, why would you expect me to give your life anything more than I give myself. Human instinct is to protect self, before we protect anyone else.

When you are down and have a person whom you feel should be lifting your spirits, but instead make you feel worse, do not fault them. The sooner we all understand that people can only give what they have or what they have been programmed to think is inside them the quicker we will see it for what it is. I am one of the few people I know that when I am down, I become a busy body. What does this mean? Well, I start to find ways to bounce back up. I give myself time to mourn my loss, but why stay in that state. We need to think that while we are still alive we are like trees and sometimes trees give off bad fruit and need to be cut down....but what happens if we continue to water it? If you know like I know, watering a tree will allow it to grow and produce new fruits. The only time we cannot start over is when we die.

I had to look at my life plenty of times. I am not a spring chicken (LOL), but I am also not an old goose...(hope you all are enjoying my metaphors today), I make changes on a daily bases. I try to make new friends and business associates all the time. There have been many people reaching out to me daily and because of the things I have been sharing with you, I have been able to weed out the bad ones quickly. Do not take my posts as a how-to live manual, I am sure I am not done making mistakes in my life. Take this as what has been working for me and there is no harm in trying some of these techniques out for yourself. If the message has been lost I will say it again for you----->People sometimes talk down to us, because this is all they have to give or have been taught. Do not get mad at them, just try to understand and keep it moving.
Ms. Breezy

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