Stop Talking

The message of the day today comes courtesy of my daily readings and also based on what has been going on with me. I am a talker, that is just what I do, but recently I have been more quiet and slow to speak. I allow others to talk, while I listen. I have friends (as I wrote yesterday) that are taken back a little by this new habit of mine. As I was reading today though it confirmed my thought process and that is, sometimes we need to stop talking so much because we miss what other people have to say. Our silence does not mean we do not care or that we have nothing to say, but it shows that we are listening more. I think of certain situations that I have been in and realize if I would have talked less and paid attention to certain details, then I probably would have made a better decision. I am not saying that something is wrong with being talkative, what I am saying is that silence will give us more clarity during certain moments.

I believe that in many instances we lose a message because of background noise. If you ever took a speech class than you know that background noise can be anything that takes our attention away from what another person is presenting. (and for those that never took a speech class, I will send you a bill later lol)....anyways what I have recently observed is that at many times I have been the background noise. I would hear a person talk, but on many different occasions I was not listening. We should try to talk less and listen more, this way when we do speak it will have a deeper meaning. I know for a fact there are some people out there that have a hard time taking me serious, because I talk a lot, but now that I am listening more I hope that the new relationships I build are better. I always say this, we cannot go back and do-over, but we can always look back, learn from it, and do better moving forward. Hope you all understand that sometimes less is more, even in something as simple as a conversation.
Ms. Breezy

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