Did you hear?

Today's post is another short and sweet one. Why do people read rumors and push them further without investigating or even getting the story from a reliable source in the first place. Within the last two days the internet world has killed Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen, but both of these men are very much alive. I remember in school my teachers would tell us to do a report and that wikipedia was not reliable source, why? Well wikipedia allows users to update information and whenever you allow any and everybody to put up information things can go left real quick.

This does not just happen with celebrities, everyday people start rumors about other people. Why? Is your life that boring that you have to create stories about others. I used to be the type that would sit and listen (I felt like that was not wrong), but when we give people an ear to listen we are just as wrong. I have come to the conclusion that we are always partly responsible for the crap we are involved in (regardless of how we are involved). We must remove ourselves from the equation completely in order to be safe from the repercussions that may come. So breaking it down again...when we hear a rumor let's not pass it along...especially if we have not received confirmation that it is true. Last, but not, least let's try to show people our ears are not garbage disposals. If we do not give rumors an ear to begin with, their lifespan will be very short.


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