Support System

Today I want to talk about having a support system and it is so important. Having people that want you to succeed and motivate you to continue following your dreams is a major asset in your life. I have been blessed to have people that show me love and also what people like to call tough love. It may hurt our feelings at the time to hear things we do not want, but it will give us an extra push. The great thing about this is also the fact that a support system can be found even in the simple things in life. I know some people need support to continue in school, some need it to continue at a certain job, or to reach a fitness goal...all different aspects in which having people motivate, inspire, and every once and a while give us a little kick in the behind is great.

I want to say I have a great support system. My support system consists of my family, my friends, and people in the industry that I have met whom genuinely want to see me move forward. There are always going to be bad days, but it is how long we allow the bad days to overtake us that matters. Keep in mind that anything worth having is worth fighting for, do not think that any of your goals and aspirations are second class to someone else because it is you that want to achieve that. I was having a tough night last night and my friend/sister/co-host of the show did not let me sit in pitty, she said "get out of your feelings, cause ain't no punk in you"<----that right there made me smile and reminded me that I can make it. The funny thing is earlier in the day one of my homeboys was going through the same thing and reaches out to me, I said to him "shut that weak shit up, you know you tougher than that"<----now see how the chain works. I showed someone support and then when I needed support someone was there for me. I am not saying that your system will work the same way is mine, but this is what has kept me going when I felt like giving up.

Team work makes the dream work and if that is not the truth I do not know what is.

Ms. Breezy

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