Place and Time (internet business)

There are many people that claim to business minded and on the road to success. These same people will call themselves getting on the internet super highway and display beef, drama, or that they fell out with another business associate. These people turn me off completely from doing business with them and the reason being is this is not the place for airing out the drama. I had a friend that called me out on my bullshit on time and she said "girl why do you post so much about the haters and the dumb stuff going on, do not waste your time with the people that dislike you because you have a lot of support" <---- this has been words to live by ever since I read them. I realized that instead of paying attention to people that show me negativity, I will concentrate on the ones that show me love. My brand has been steady growing since this change and I bet others would to. This internet spreads your message, problems, success, and virtues across the world in seconds, so if you are trying to present business, success, maturity, and all other qualities people seek in someone to do business with leave the mess off of here, this is not the place.

The next thing I want to talk about is Time...Do you know how much time we waste not just blasting someone else, but the time we have to make up due to that nonsense. As I stated earlier eyes are watching, ears are listening, and mouths are talking. Do you want to be known as the person always in some bullshit. People want to spend money on a professional that will concentrate and put forth an effort to make their venture blossom and grow. I have a joking side, anyone that listens to my show, follows me on twitter, and all my other sites know that, but no more drama and when it games to business there is no time for games. My blog, radio show, and brand has a serious side and a fun side...but no nonsense allowed. I took time to post this today, because I feel that maturity and growth is important, I also would like people to know when you let go of the nonsense you will make a bigger impact. As always the weekend homework assignment, take a look at your posts and see if you can spot a lot of drama and hater talk...if so try and change that. We can never go back and start a new, but we can move forward and make a change.

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