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Its Monday and another week has started. Pretty soon July will be over, we will be closer to the end of the year. How many of you at the beginning of the year started your New Year’s resolutions? Well to be honest every year, before this one I started one and never completed it. This year I told myself I was not going to give myself a resolution, I was going to give myself a goal. The goal was to create a blog site and keep up with it for one-year and see where the journey takes me. This site officially launched January 1, 2011 and as you can tell I am still doing it and it has blossomed beautifully. I think one of the main reasons for this is that I refused to call it a resolution and instead made it a personal goal. The next few things I am going to tell you have nothing to do with scientific research, this is solely my opinion. Whenever I place certain words out, I either succeed or fail. There are a few words that I feel sends an automatic trigger to my brain and one of those words is GOAL, maybe because I am a Brazilian and that word is very important in my culture. I very rarely refer to what I want to accomplish as a dream, because I feel that once I actually start to actively go after these things they are now goals.

Think about the words that may trigger an automatic action out of you. Do you think you have set yourself up to succeed or fail? Our mind is a very powerful force and so is the words that come out of our mouths. I do not know every religion there is out there, but I do know people of many backgrounds believe that your words have power. I believe that if we say things enough our minds will act as I we are already there. There are times when we have to feel the part, before we can achieve it. Dress the part, are you a successful person…than act like one, dress like one, talk like one, and pretty soon you may just be one. Now all this “advice” I give you can be thrown out the first window you see, I you do not attach it to actions. Nothing will be achieved if you just sit on your butt. There is a famous quote out there and forgive me if I mess it up but it states that “a journey of one thousand steps begins with one” basically the journey is long, but you have to take that initial step. You and everyone else that knows about this site/radio show/ and whatever other endeavors I add are watching my journey. Why not start your own? You do not have to wait for New Year’s to begin a new chapter in the book of YOUR LIFE! As always I type what I type because this is what came to me this morning as I woke up. None of my posts are pre-written, I was actually thinking of starting to do this last night, because I had some free time and nothing came to my mind to pass on to you. I am hoping the reason for this is that someone that reads this blog site needs this specific message. Have a great Monday and if possible let it be the first day of your new journey.
Ms. Breezy

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