Look Out

Today I am taking the words right from yesterday's show. We had a group discussion about fake supporters and/or sideline haters. These are the people that claim to wish you well and even go as far as cheering you on, but secretly they want you to fail. These people are the ones that talk about you to other people and have everyone thinking they do not even like you. A few years back there was a word used to describe this sort of before and the word is frenemy. They are a perfect mix of a friend and an enemy. These people you have to be more careful about, because they may start to not only hope for the worse thing to happen to you, but they may actually start to plot against you.

Another type of person that was brought up was a groupie fan fake. I had no idea what the hell this type of person was. Basically this is the person that will hang out with you, try to do everything you need, and get in the spotlight with you. The reason why the word fake was added to it is because while this person may be doing all the things you need or want them to do, they are actually paying very close attention to what it is you do, because they are trying to take your spot. Once the person in the discussion broke this down to me, I could not help but feel a sense of relieve. There is someone in my life that I felt was doing just that, but for a moment I thought that people do not really do this and that I was just thinking too much about simple gestures.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I do not agree with this statement. I say keep your friends very close and keep an eye on your enemy. You do not need this people around you and you certainly do not need them in your life. What you have to do is make sure you see their steps and try to stay at least two steps ahead of them. Keeping people around that wish us bad will eventually bring us down. The show weakest like gave me the best line to use and I tell a person quick they are the weakest link good-bye. I do not hold grudges or facilitate any animosity towards others, I just keep them out of arm's reach. Think of who you have around you and if these actions describe them, ask yourself if you are trully willing to put up and deal with this mess. As always I share what I am doing myself...have a great day!

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