Laugh and Smile

Today all I want to share with you is that we need to laugh and smile. Last night on the show we had tons of fun, as we always do with the homie Theolodge. He had so many friends and supporters call the show. The reason I mention this is because some of his family and Theolodge himself have some great personalities and they keep the jokes going. It was 2 hours of non-stop laughs and fun. There are a lot of people out there that are serious all the time and that makes life very boring and monotonous. There is nothing wrong with letting down your hair and enjoying yourself.

Basically its that simple today, nothing too much left to say, but they will be back on the show next Wednesday. If you need a good laugh just tune into the show or click on the Breezy's Randomness page and have a little fun. Business is always here, thanks to the fact that the world is on different time zones you can work twenty-fours a day, I do not recommend that though. Hope you take some time out to smile and laugh everyday, even if that means laughing at yourself. As always Ms.Breezy

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