Well my people we made it to the end of another successful week...if you are still alive and reading this post you are more successful than a lot of people that did not make it through this week. Well today I am going to say something that may make some people made, but it is the truth as far as I know it. We had a show the other night and as always we were kicking it and joking with the men that called in. Well a woman (the wife of one of the men) searched me on facebook and inboxed me saying she was very offended at how we were joking with her husband and that I need to correct my co-hosts. At first response I felt like I really had done or allowed something wrong to go down. I messaged one of my friends who is not a part of the show, but listens.

Basically the breakdown of the conversation was I do not ask marital status of any callers, now my guests I do get marital status, and we do tone down the show when it is a married guest on. Now I informed the lady of all this and she tried to tell me we had all of the attention on her husband<---that allowed me to see she did not listen to the whole show. I let her know she should go back and listen to the entire show. Ultimately I let her know that nobody knew what her husband looks like or is even near him and that if she was that insecure with her relationship than there is a problem on the home front.

I have come to the understanding that nobody can break up a home, that is not already worthless. I cannot start asking callers what their situation is, but I do know they can hang up at anytime they feel offended. Another funny thing about this was that the man never once said he was married and did not want to partake in the fun. I apologize to all the women/men that feel it is someone outside the relationship's responsibility to respect it. If your mate does not make it clear that they are with you and happy than do not expect another person to do so. This is a life fact, I have been on both sides of cheating, as well as the other woman...all this "experience" taught me that only the people in the HOME can either make or break it. Weekend homework assignment if you are in a relationship make sure that you are IN THE RELATIONSHIP, meaning communicate with your partner and be proactive in making it the greatest relationship you can...Now to all my single folks (as myself) we have the weekend off!

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