Hello readers, sorry about yesterday. My power was out until the early evening, but I am back with another great post today. What I am going to talk about today is guidance, simple word, simple meaning, yet some people miss it. I have a clear cut vision of what I would like to do with my career, my life, and many other things I am trying to achieve. The thing is I know that there are some people whom have already achieved what I am going after. I am fortunate enough that I am now interacting with these people on a daily basis. I ask them for criticism and critique<---this is a very important part of growth. At times people submit their music to me and ask for my opinion, when I give them a negative thought no matter how small it is, they get mad at me. I understand how important people's craft is to them, but if you ask a person what they think you have to be ready for good and bad.

When we receive a bad review we should first thank the person for taking time out to tell you what they think. The next thing is to ask a few more people for feedback and if the majority of people give the same type of critique we need to go back and fix it. Of course, there are some people who are always negative and you should just stir clear of them. Use the guide you created for yourself, but also keep in mind that some people can provide you the necessary guidance to get you to the next level. This blogsite is my own personal guide and if it helps provide you some guidance than my mission is going in the right direction. As always make it a great day Ms. Breezy

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