I realize there have been many times in which I gave up on something. Why? Either because I was not consistent with it or the people whom I was involved with were not. When we remain on track, regardless of the distractions, regardless of the craziness, and regardless of whatever life throws at us we are more likely to succeed. Much of the advice I present you guys is taught in business class, not saying you have to go to class to learn, but it worked for me. Well basically we have stages and you have the introduction stage, which can last a while.

Introduction is simple it is the stage where you are presenting your product (regardless of what that product is). If you want to apply it in life, let's say you want to introduce a new way of doing things or you want to start working out, our bodies will not recognize this new thing for a few days, months, or depending on what we are changing years. Now is there something you decided to do and then did not see the fruits of it and chose to walk away? Well that may have happened because you were still in the introduction phase. Do not think that things happen quickly, yes you should have a plan and act on it, but understand that life does not revolve around us, but we evolve with life and that can take a long time. I will leave you all with this today and I may speak on the next phase (Growth) always Ms. Breezy

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