Hello my faithful readers we have arrived at Friday again, yahoooooooo!!!Well, I decided continue where I left off yesterday. I wrote about consistency and today I will speak on maturity also known as growth. There are so many people that age and the correct way to age is with wisdom and maturity, but some never do that. The people that never mature always wonder why people treat them a certain way. The reason people whom have achieved the next level really do not want to deal with the ones who do not. I am sure all of us have made mistakes and done things that if we had thought it out a little more we would not have done them. As we mature we learn that there is no reason to rush through things. We also learn how to separate ourselves from the things that are second thought to us or do not have as much importance as others.

There is no problem with being young dumb, but we should at least become old and wise. I aim for personal growth, maturity, and wisdom everyday. I try to talk to different people and the reason for that is, so that I know how they think. We sometimes will appreciate a person more or deal with them less if we know why they act the way they do. Also, just because we have become wise and matured it does not mean that we will never make mistakes again, but hopefully we will minimize them. The homework for this weekend is to do an inventory in our life and figure out which stage we are in. Have we passed the introduction and are in growth or are we stuck between them....once you figure out which phase you are in then you will be more proactive in them. As always have a great weekend and God-willing catch me again on Monday.
Ms. Breezy

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