Don't Shoot the Messenger

The title of today's post is definitely something you should have word before. I grew up thinking this was a correct statement and now I don't believe it so much. I will explain why I don't believe it and you can either agree with me or not. I have come to this conclusion because I feel like we don't have to deliver messages. If we don't want to be held resposible than we just don't act as a go-between. Now this is for day-to-day conversation, not when we have to for work purposes. I came to the realization that I don't have to be involved in messy situtations. That was something I enjoyed, rather I admitted it or not.

Fast forward a few years and I stopped doing it. I see people that still live this way and don't understand why they don't feel like becoming better people. I made the mistake of lying to myself before and that lie was I don't involve myself in bullshit, it comes to me. Well, I now know that many things I did was putting myself right in the mix of bullshit (regardless if it was my bullshit or not). Good thing about it is I learned and now I make my actions correlate with my need to stay positive and minimize drama in my life. I can truly tell you all that this works. I urge you to try it, if you hear a message and it is drama-filled, don't take it any further.


Anonymous said...

I agree with that. I always keep my bullshit glasses on deck!

Pure_jk said...

Definitely agree Breezy because delivering bad messages is like planting bad seeds.. and it grows that way.