For Real though!!!

She's a hater, He's a hater, you a hater 2...Seems like everybody and they mama screaming about a hater today. Truth be told everyone does not have haters, truth is people may just not like you. OMG!!!!!!!! Does that surprise you? Were you the freshest on the scene at one point? Well either way sweetie if a person just does not deal with you or like what you do does not make them a hater. A hater is when someone goes out of their way to bring you and what you do down. People are basic as hell and swear other people trying to pull them down, get out of your feelings and realize nobody fucking cares. (excuse the post today, but this has to be told)

I used to scream about a hater, but I realized if you just don't like me that doesn't mean you are hating on me. I dislike plenty of people, but the thing is I don't talk about them or knock their hustle. I won't lie I used to do it and that was the definition of a hater, so I told myself never again!!!! I noticed that it took so much out of me to down the next person, that I started to lack in the areas I needed to grow in. I asked a friend last night, why do you waste so much time calling out the people that don't support you? His reply "well I know they are out there and I want them to know I see that shit"<----why??? That is exactly what these people feed on, the ability to keep you off focus. The reason is this will give them time to get where they want to go, while you're still screaming and hollering. Take some time out and figure out how much time you are wasting on someone that is tearing you down and focus that time (and energy) on the people that are trying to build you up.

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