Real vs. Fake

Why do so many people take what they see on the internet as facts? Within the last month a few celebrities supposedly died, because of internet rumors. I have my facebook page, twitter, and tumblr and from time to time I post real life things, but most the time I live a real life and cyberspace is just for fun. I tell people all the time, you want to know the real me visit the site and read my posts. This is no jokes and real things that come into my head. I am one of those people that chose to deal with my life problems of this medium, why? Well this may be a shock to everybody, but not everyone on your friends list is your friend or gives a damn about you. Yes, there are those that have just 100 friends or what not and it is all family (this does not apply to you, but then again it may)...I have over 1400 friends on facebook and I know a few people who have over 5000, it is hard to get 10 people to really care about you and you mean to tell me I found this many that do O_O!!!!!!!!

I formally apologize to anyone that see's what I do as being fake, but I chose who to share certain parts of my REAL life with and trust me facebook is not the place. The fact that I live in a different country makes communication a little harder, but I talk to my REAL friends everyday. A person cannot make me believe that is the ONLY way to stay in touch with those that matter. Please people if you do not take any "advice" from me take this one: Keep the social media at arm's length and laugh sometimes at what you read/see, the REAL world is so full of drama and pain, why not use this as a getaway from it all, I do. Anyways that is all I have for today, as you know I write these every morning, so whatever happens during the course of the next 24 hours is my inspiration or lack there of. Be happy and smile more, it is soooooooo much nicer to look at.

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