Copy n Paste

Have you ever heard the phrase "imitation is the highest form of flattery" <---I may have paraphrased it, but it is something like that...anyway I heard it many times growing up. Now I am one person who finds it very annoying when someone copies anything I do, I mean in high school it was acceptable if you and your friends decided to dress up or what not, but as adults why do people still copy so much? I heard many celebrities suing for likeness(which is basically someone copied their style and/or whatever they do that makes them unique). The reason why they sue for this is because when you are building a brand, (which is the person itself if they are the face, voice, or product) you have to find something that has not been done before or innovate something that has. After you work that hard and generate a following you do not want another person in the same industry to do the same thing as you.

If you pay attention to the technology or even social media industry you will see constant competition, but nobody just copy's and sells the same thing. What you are supposed to do is take something someone did and make it better. There are a few people that watch what I do and imitate me <--- I find that very weird, because I have not even made it to a level in which I feel like I should be monitored and duplicated. I feel like asking these people to back the hell up and let me get to where I am going first. Honestly at first I thought I was seeing things and blowing things out of proportion, but there are too many similarities. I will not stress it though, I got to keep building myself up and stay on track. the thing about imitators is they never know what you have up your sleeves, so keep putting out new product and increase what you do. By building and continuing in your path you will always be the first with the next hot topic and they will just be the person who copied and pasted you.

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