I will be honest for a moment and say i was thinking of just using an older post and not write anything new. Problem is today is a new day, the problems of yesterday are no longer the same, but neither are the joys. My message is simple I would like you all to know that we must live our life, not just go through the motions. If yesterday was bad, move past it and find the inner strength to fight for a better today. We cannot worry today about yesterday's issue, because with each day we are granted comes new things. It is easy to say I will work on it, but we must act. Be proactive in your life, make the hard choices, and dance in the rain. I do not share all the craziness, disappointments, and defeated feelings because as long as we live they will keep happening.

It seems that some people still think they have an abundance of time, but even the young die. We must seize every opportunity we have at being happy. We must smile and surround ourselves with those who love us. Today I am taking a small trip with my son and father, but you can best believe I will talk to my mom at least three times. She is currently in a different country than I am, but it is important for me to tell her I love her. Why? Not simply because she is my mother, but because she is one of the people I know without any doubts wants to see me succeed. Please take every chance you have to show your love to those you know are on your corner, because not everyone is.

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