The value of your Word

First, I apologize for yesterday. I went out of town with my family and we had to stay a little longer than we anticipated. Now that we have moved past that...your word. I remember when people used to mean what they say, but those days seem to be over. I have people that ask me something and when I give them an answer they keep asking. I always wonder, man I gave you an answer already. I have to remind myself it is not that they have a reason to doubt me, but they doubt people in general. I chose to give people the choice to keep their word or not. That is not because I never been let down, because I have, but because I still try to believe people.

I have recently had experiences that people showed me their word is nothing, so do I treat the next person bad because someone else did not keep their word...NO!!!! I treat the next person the same as I would had the circumstances been favorable. I am not trying to tell you to be the same way, I see that being this way does allow people to get over, but I learned ways to work past it. This message is for you to be careful with what you put out there, if you know you cannot do it, the do not make a promise. If we all try to be people of our word, then maybe we can shift this general thought process to the way things used to be. I would like to be able to trust people without having to prepare for the worst. I would also like to not have to repeat myself over and over again to people, because others have messed up in keeping their word. As always, we need to try and become better people daily.
Ms. Breezy

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