Can't Stop and Won't Stop

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday. When I started the On-Air w/ BreezySays show I tried to chose a time where nobody else was on. I did not want to step on anyone's toes and even wanted to support other stations, because I know the fans of my show are fans for a special reason. Well now that we have been on for about 6 months people are starting to see us as a threat. Funny thing though is I just have fun with the show, at the end of the day my actual business is something else. I just am one of those people that are willing to invest and make what I do look, sound, and feel that it is done right. I know for fact we are not the most professional, but I have yet to have an angry and upset guest.

I am telling you all this story to say even though we may try and do things right, people who sit back and watch us are going to try their best to rain on our parade. I say to them "baby I been dancing in the rain, so bring it on." While people are so busy trying to duplicate you it gives you an opportunity to make new moves without them watching. I will be making a few more changes to the BreezySays website, because I am done with school and prepared to take on clients. The changes I make are always going to create a way to make new and improved things available to my readers and listeners. As always if there is something you all feel I should add email me at

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