Who's on your side?

Hello readers, today's post is another short and sweet one. I basically want to let you all know that I have started to generate a profit through my business. I have one on-going client for my Public Relations services and am building my 3rd website. It is wonderful to be able to say my hard work is truly starting to pay off. What I learned though is that I have built these relationships slowly, but they are solid. I have a team of people that I work alongside and all of us benefit. I used to think that "you are the company you keep" phrase was a load of crap, but I made a shift in the company I keep and my brand started to flourish. I am not saying this to say everyone I dealt with was holding me back, but what I am saying is there are some people who are at the highest point in their life and have no reason to go any further. I wanted to keep growing.

I finished my degree in May and decided it was time to announce that I am taking on clients. The calls started coming in, but a lot of people thought I was joking about this being my business and over promoting my abilities. Well that is not the case I just slowly was building the right relationships and foundations, so that when the time came I was able to offer all my clients the best service possible. I can honestly say right now that I deal with mostly small business owners and other people on some sort of path to business ownership. I still have my friends who are not growing in life, I just do not deal with them as much. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and working towards it, but never allow the company you keep, keep you away from your goals!

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