Shifting Focus

People always say that others changed and truth be told I do not agree with it. I always say I constantly evolve, I hear it from people all the time " girl you are so quiet" but to be honest, I just do not have a lot of idle conversation. When I talk to business associates I have so much to say and it allows the conversation to go for hours. I also have people I used to talk to everyday that I stopped dealing with, not because I changed, but because with them it is the same old same. I tell people I am the same person from before, but now I havr clear and specific goals. I will never be able to blame anyone for my not being able to achieve.

Today I realize I have not lost any friends, I just changed my focus, and now the focus is on what I want to achieve. There are a few people who are on the team and excited about the upcoming events and things we have planned, so I recommend you start your own evolution. Become the person you want to be and all it takes is a shift in our focus. Concentrate on what can get you to the desired level. Welcome to a new week.
Ms. Breezy

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