Get out the Way

Yesterday I tweeted a quote and basically I said the reason why a lot of people take so long to travel down the road to success is because they are in someone else's lane. Now that does not mean you should chose a diferrent destination, but it does mean, no two people will get their the same exact way. For instance, I got into the business I am in by mistake. I never thought I would be doing what I do today, it was never on my to-do list. What was on my to-do list is being a business owner on an international level and to be honest I thought I was going into import/export. While on my road, I started helping people here and there with different things and I was presented with an offer. Make a long story short I am still traveling to my destination, but not the path I thought.

I never looked at other people and said I am going to do what they do and take their customers. I could careless about that and I also think that is bad business. If a person comes to me, the first thing I ask is if they are represented by someone else and if they are in contract. <---that is called ethics! Not many people still do it, but I believe that by doing this it makes me stand-out and if I lose a few dollars here and there, that is alright by me. I want to move consistently in my business and life. The thing about it is I am not going to rush, I have my own lane and will stay on it. There is no traffic on it and I do not mind taking the scenic route. Make sure you are not stepping on toes, becuase that may be connected to the foot that kicks you in the behind one day!!!!!

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