Sometimes during the course of life we run into issues. There are people who feel they should do-it themselves and/or they feel it is a weakness to ask for help. I went through a period which I was acting the same way and then I said "wait a minute I don't know how to do this and I am frustrated." Well we need to understand that not everybody is equipped to do the same thing. The tools you may need someone else may have and while you are walking around to proud to ask for help they could probably have already assisted you in going past the step you are stuck on. I reach out to people all the time now. I offer services and ask for help<---this has proven to be a wonderful decision.

Assistance means you are wise enough to realize that you do not know everything and you are alright with being assisted to fet to the next level. Do not let your pride get in the way of success, it is there fo you. Reach out and be great, even if you need others and others need you get to the level you want. Frustration and delay may be what you receive if you decide to go at everything alone. What I do is try and once I realize I was not able, I reach out and make connections with people that can. Think of what you are doing and what is needed to complete that task and if it requires help from others do not be afraid to reach out and connect.

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