Happy Friday all...we made it through another week here on BreezySays and I can say proudly that I made more moves this week than last. Made more connections, working on better things and busting out product for my clients. Have you been efficent this weekend? Not saying you had to move 10 steps ahead, but have you gone backwards? <===that is the only time I would see a problem. Remember I always say measure your success based on your ruler or shall I say progression calendar. Based on my calendar I am 2 steps away from my goal for the end of this year. Do I slack off if I achieve it before December, hell no!!! I start working on my goals for next year.

There are a lot of people that do things differently from me, but that's okay. We all need to be comfortable enough to make our own way. Where in life do YOU want to be this time next year? Why do so many people wait until January first to create a resolution that they probably won't even stick with until February first. Homework for this weekend is to measure your success, are you where you thought you would be by this time. If you are find and create more plans, but if you aren't don't stress, start a plan now. Don't wait for the perfecct time. There is no time better than now!!! As always have a safe weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Please do not forget we have Star Search Saturdays tomorrow on #BreezySays radio from 9-10:30pm est and Jokes n Jams on Sunday from 7-9pm est!!! Great shows, great radio personalities, and fun fun fun!!! It's Breezy Baby

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