I am not being fake LOL

I decided last year that I was going to do the positive thing. Why? I got very tired of walking around angry all the time. I was angry when I got the things I wanted because it was not what I expected, I was angry because people looked at me with a funny expression, you name it<---it was a reason for me to get angry. That really brought nothing to my life...good, bad, or indifferent. So, I said "since this is not doing anything for me, let me try a different route. That was when I made the move into positivity. I stopped giving too much of my time and energy into things that made me unhappy or put me in a negative mood.

It has been almost one year since I started this way of thinking and living. I noticed some people stopped dealing with me, but the funny thing is it's the one's that always had drama or bullshit in their life. I also made the decision to not completely remove, but to shorten my dealings with some people in my life. I have no hard feelings against anybody and trust family was cut loose as well. Basically I screen and only allow a small amount of mess in my life. WHY??? Well, try as I must not all forms of fuckery are removable, because it finds its way in. The thing about it is, when we acknowledge it, deal with it, and then let it go the damage done to us internally/externally is much less.

It is a few months away from an entire new year and I am pumping myself up for another round of taking control of my life, situations, friendships, business deals, and whatever else I can control. When I realized how ould it felt to be in control and how much less crap I had on my mind I knew I made the right choice. It's not about fronting and being fake with people, it is about making choices in how we react to situations. It takes the same amount of effort to either be positive or negative, why not chose the better of the two and make your life easy.
It's Monday babes and Ms.Breezy loves ya!!!!

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