Look at YOU!!!

Boy boy boy, I got a little erked with somebody yesterday and was about to tell him about himself. Due to the fact that I decided I was not going through that with people anymore I chose to sit back and analyze the situation. This older man and by older I mean he is around 45, mind you I am 27...anyways anytime I post a funny status or a status meant to show different sides of people's bullshit he has something "smart" to say. Last night as I was getting ready to let him have it, it was then that I saw it. He is one of those people that is quick to read between the lines, even when there is no in-between to be read. He also wants to point out other people's shortcomings while trying to hide or never fully admitting to his. hmmmmmm what does this mean.

This brought me to think of those parents who feel like the neighbors kids can't play with theirs because their kids are better, have name brand clothes, or eat meat every day. WTF is wrong with you!!! I shortly realized though this man claims to be wiser, he is no closer to life knowledge than I am. I know damn well I am not a role-model, but what I do is write about the things I learn day in and day out. What I can say for sure is that I have learned a few things others are still trying to find out, I have been a few places I don't wish on anybody <---I don't hide it and have accepted it.

The problem with many adults and the reason they can't relate to the youth or any generation younger than them is because they only want to spit "knowledge"...The youth knows you may be wiser, hell I would hope to be wiser in 10 years from where I am today. What happens is a lot of them want to hide their shortcomings and a lot haven't even realized where they lack it. Yes our past should not hold us back, but we should never hide from our low-points because that could have been the turning point we needed to left us from mediocrity. Today's lesson is stop trying so hard to see the problem, pain, or issue in other people....make sure you look within yourself before opening your mouth to pass judgement or to look down on someone, truth be told you might be standing eye-to-eye with them instead of being higher. Also keep in mind, we can all judge each other if we want, but we will be judged the same way. Take it from me if this man would have never kept attacking certain BLANTANT jokes I never would have paid his "issues" any mind.

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