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No post from me today...Today I would like everyone who complains when people are treated unfairly to read this email and take action. Even if all you do is copy and paste it somewhere, that is better than just talking.

Pasted below you will find the post made by "Freeway Ricky Ross" yesterday afternoon if somehow you missed the post or didn't get the email please read ...It is a simple request

I got a summons in the mail from my current probation officer informing me that he wants to violate me due to the following reasons.

1. Coming in contact with convicted felons

2. Wants me to stop speaking to the youth.

Now I dedicate my life to motivational speaking to help each and every person that I can to change their direction if they are going into the wrong direction. Also I want to see more of our youth building businesses that can offer more jobs, so I teach leadership and business management skills for that reason. I have traveled the United States and I still plan to do the same I have a calling and that's speaking to the youth. I don't care if you are a convicted felon I'm not the one to judge only here to help if I can. Each one teach one that’s what we all need to do become more mentors. I want to thank all of my supporters and let you know what’s going on with me presently. I go to court on 11 October 2011and if you want to help this is how.

"If I touched anyone’s lives out there or made a difference I would like to hear it for myself and present to the Judge also. Let me know what it is that I said or did that made a difference in your life or someone else life that you love. We need more positive people put there teaching our children. Please send all support letters to and a duplicate copy to Freeway enterprise I will get the letters personally. All letters are needed by 9 October 2011. A copy to both address below"

United States District Court Attention:
Honorable Marilyn L. Huff
940 Front Street San Diego, Ca 9210..1
c/o Ricky Donnell Ross

c/o Ricky Ross
P.O.Box 11173
Carson, Ca 90749

The original post can be found on

Together we DO make a difference .

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