Your Legacy

Well everybody is shocked at the death of Steve Jobs. I knew something was going on when he stepped down as CEO of Apple. See when you work hard at something you never are truly prepared to let someone else lead it for you. It is almost like you are the parent and birthed it, that is why it is so hard to part ways. This man started with an idea and based on that he kept innovating, year in and year out. Now we must also acknowledge the whole team at Apple, because Steve Jobs and Apple did not run off of one person's ideas. Are you working so that when you part your work becomes your legacy?

That is very hard to do<---now do you see I said HARD, not IMPOSSIBLE. Trust that you will have late nights and early morning (nope, sorry not the kind Marsha Ambrosius is talking about)...You will be frustrated, you will feel overwhelmed, but at the end of everyday you will feel happy and accomplished by your work. I can tell you this for a fact, when you work doing something you love and get not only monetary payment, but acknowledgement from your peers it feels GREAT!!!!

I love it when people take time out of their busy day to come on BreezySays and read a post. I love it when I see people share our page or show. These are things that inspire me to keep at it. I will continue to do this until the day I stop reaching lives and hopefully I will be able to say, that was the day I died. That is what it means to be a legend. Everyone in the world might not know you, but as long as you touch a few lives you should feel proud and keep moving <---it means you are doing something. Today we will have someone I consider to be a music legend on our show. The thought for today is work on your legacy day in and day out!

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