Progression is Key

Today's post is another short and sweet one from me to you all. If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page you will see the official mixtape downloads for Queen of Connections vol.1...this is something that we had to progress to as the entertainment group that we are working on becoming. This first mixtape was done by our friend and tonights guest on the show DJ Prince. It is a step in the direction of progress and I am telling you everyday that you are granted need to be a step towards progress. It does not matter how big a step or little a step, but as long as you are moving forward that is what matters. I have people who would like to say me fail, I have people that do not believe in what I personally, financially, or even as a business sense want to do, but that does not matter. Like nike says "just do it"...I want to be able to say "I did it"!!! Over the weekend just take the time to see how far you have to go and map out the steps that will get you to that level. The time frame that it takes you, may be faster or slower than I, but that is ok. WHY??? You have to go at your own pace and measure success by your ruler, not anybody else's. Have a great weekend and please download the first official #BreezySays mixtape (tell a friend, to tell a friend and I thank you all for the support)

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