You worried about the wrong thing

OMG!!!! Seriously!!! Can someone please explain to me why people sit around and try to dig dirt on others. As I look at various blog and "news" sites I see reports about a "suspect" Tupac tape, the things people did not "want" to say about Steve Jobs, and why we "need" to remember that Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation<----really??? All those people are died and personally I thought we are to let them REST IN PEACE, but hey that's me and my naive ass. I also see people real concerned about what "god" or "religion" others chose and that erks me. I personally feel like why waste my time worried or concerned about what others do with THEIR life, I have my own.

I want to tell you guys to please stop thinking that the actions of others directly affect you. YES, some actions by certain people will trinkle down to you, but at many times those will affect you rather you do, say, or act against<---we just have to be prepared to deal with whatever is coming our way. The day I decided to focus on me and what I wanted for MY life was the day things started to shift my way. I can't tell you how much time, money, patience, and energy I wasted worrying about how other people live. We have to let people do them and keep it moving. I have seen people who care about how others spend their hard-earned money. WHY??? If I want to be selfish and never help the next person than that's what I am going to do. If we all start to look, think, act, and live for SELF and do the actions we want out of others maybe life and society will have a shift. I am in noway saying we should never speak out, but what I say is make sure your yard is spotless, before you call yourself sweeping someone else's.
Live Laugh Life (Welcome to Monday, though many have today off, prepare yourself for the rest of the week)

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