Feeling Great

One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up feeling like you are doing what you set in your heart to do,  when everybody told you that it was not possible. I am saying this, not because I have made it to some ultimate level and I am special. I am saying because I am working on the things I wanted to acheive. I never wanted to be someone's employee. I always wanted to know how I could do this and that and become my own boss and manage my own income. Of course BreezySays is a team and we all have our part in this team, but I hope everyone on the team knows they are important and feels appreciated. I love have my girls with me, I love having the guys that host shows on the station with me. We all bring something unique to the table.

I do not think there is anything wrong with being an employee, especially if the job you work is something you enjoy doing. I am just speaking for myself, when I say I always had a different vision. I remember being eight years old and my mom gave me some play jewelry and one of my friends and I sat in front of her restaurant and sold it to passer-bys. I believe that unknowing to myself I chose the DECA program in school because I knew it would prepare me for business ownership. I can't stand when people say school prepares you to work for someone else <----that is a lie. Your mind, will-power, endurance, peseverance, and other skills determine what you chose. I tell people all the time, if you want it bad enough, if everyday that is what you have in your mind to achieve, you will find a way to do it. I remember an ex-boyfriend told me "the most attractive thing about you is the fact that you always bounce back and not just that you come back better than before."

Don't let anything or anyone stay in your way. If you wake-up everyday determined to make a difference and reach higher than you ever have, you will make a dent soon enough. Things happen when we least expect it, but what we can do is prepare ourselves for that. How unfortunate would it be that your opportunity knocked, but you weren't ready to answer? (think about that question throughout the day)

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