Refocus your energy

There is so many people that focus on talking about others and worrying about what they do. This was probably something that I used to do myself and now I have stopped. Whenever I catch myself thinking or wondering what the next person is doing, I change that thought frame into something beneficial for my future. This has proven to be one of the best new habits I started. Within the last year I have made more moves than ant other time in my life.
The funny thing about it is internally it seems that we want to focus on the negative, now I don't know if this is a human fact or a personal fact because of me living so many years on some dumb shit. What I do know is that I am not allowing myself to waste any more time on people that could care less about me. Why is this so hard for some people? I see women who break-up with men, who hurt them and abused them...but everytime the talk, he is the mai subject of conversation. You see people who hate their boss, or teacher, or co-worker, yet when they are in a different environment everyone has to know and hear how this person bothers them. <---hopefully I am not the only one that has seen these characteristics mainfest in real life! So the advice for the day is start focusing more on you and the people that contribute to your success. Not only that, I have given that advice before, but start being more observant of who or what your thoughts are shifting towards and make sure you are in charge of what it is. Welcome to another week!!!!!! It's Breezy Baby

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