Strong Weapons

Today I want to share the importance of researching. Knowledge is a powerful thing and we should strive for going after it. I have many friends who share different believes and know different things than I. Well I try my best to talk, ask questions, and engage in good communication with them. There has been instances where people offend and hurt each other, due to the fact that they do not have shared knowledge. I feel that regardless if we are on the same boat about a certain subject or not it does not hurt to learn why someone feels the way they do.

Knowledge is one of the things people cannot take away from us and when we acquire more and more of it we become strong weapons. Why do you think lawyers can get people out of a lot of problems or accountants know all the tricks of the trade???? Well duh!!!! They studied that particular area and have more knowledge than the average person. Imagine how things would be different if you had all the information needed to defend yourself or file all the tax breaks you actually qualify for. Believe it or not, it is possible....question is "are you willing to research, are you hungry for the information???" I am researching new subjects, faiths, and other areas where my knowledge is minimal. I am not doing this because I have a need for it, but it is because I have a want for knowledge. Get hungry for information, especially in areas that may benefit you and take an hour out of your day and invest in becoming more knowledgeable.

Ms. Breezy

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