Your time will come

It is another week babes and we made it. Today I am going to discuss recognition and why we should have patience in getting it. If we like what we do and are good what we do a few things will happen. One of those things that will happen is people not being happy for us and trying to discredit our work. This is a sad thing, but happens much to often. We should not stress over it, this means we are on the right track. Another thing that will happen is people taking credit for what we actually did, why???? Well, they want to be a PART of the WINNERS. These are the type of people that may have had one conversation with you, or maybe at one point was even a part of the time <---ultimately they decided not to continue, but now that the hard work is done they want to claim association because it looks good. Do not concern yourself with them either, they were not strong enough, but you are. Last, but not, least is people who CLAIM to be working with you actually start to plot against you....why??? Well, baby you know the green-eyed monster is a mofo. There are people everyday that work hard to find their own niche and then when they do everybody and they mama starts to get into the same thing.

Now I described three ugly things that can happen during the process of becoming somebody. When I say somebody, I use that term because this can be applied in all aspects of life. Let me give you a quick become engaged, all of sudden people want to say "well I am responsible for bringing them together" or "well I used to date her/him so good thing I "molded" them into the person they are" <---simple life example in which people try to take credit for something you worked hard at building. Life is full of these instances, but keep pushing because everything comes to light. This includes your hard-work, dedication, and skill. Do not give up because right now you are not getting recognized the way you would like. It will happen soon enough. I know it and should also. Welcome to the last full week of October and know that your time will come, as long as you continue to push. I always say this to my partners "and still we progress!"

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