I'm Back

Hey everybody I am back, first and foremost sorry for not updating the blog last week, but it is rainy season here and my internet got knocked out of service. When I finally did get service I had to work double time with the show and my various clients. I saw and was very impressed by the hard-work done by my team to get the show done. This showed me that through the ups-and-downs of this year I have been able to get a strong team with me. Life and business is hard these days because there is so much lack of loyalty and overflow of envy going on. We have to be careful not to lose faith in people and chose the right ones to put in our life. Babes it really blows me to see people get done dirty by people they have no bad intentions for, I mean let's be real, if you and that person have mutual hate than do what you do, but damn some people are really trying to do good and get nothing but b/s thrown at them. I can say that I am not immune to fakes and non-supporters, I just don't give them the energy they are looking for. Ultimately I just cut them out of my life, my business, mind, and heart.

I used to get on facebook or the phone and have a cursing match or even want it to escalate into a physical altercation. Now I feel that is a waste of time and does make me look like a child. At the age and stage I am in life, I just want to progress daily. We are one day away from November, can you believe how fast time is going by? We cannot get any time back, but what we can do is ensure that our time ahead is spent wisely and that means working hard at making correct choices for the future. Let's PROGRESS daily babes.

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