Stop Preaching

Today I want to talk about something that does not sit well with me. The problem I have is with people who want to preach and tell others what they are doing wrong based on this and that, but refuse to acknowledge and/or allow others to call them out. Are you serious??? I don't care if you do things I don't agree with, I feel as though we all do things that someone, somewhere will view as wrong and nobody has the right to act uppity when they aren't. Of course it's easier to see what other people do as wrong, instead of our own, that doesn't mean it is correct. Contrary to popular believe, anyone can judge your actions, especially when you put them out in front of the public. That being said when you call someone out on what you dislike, please be prepared for them to call you out.

There are a lot of things people do that I dislike with a passion. What do I do??? If they are someone close to me than I will talk to them, or I just stop acknowledging their bad habits. We all have to see things for ourselves. Even if I am doing something that is considered bad by everyone and their mama....I will not change until I am ready<--that goes for others as well. Let's try a new method and that is, look in the mirror and work on YOU!!!! <----that person you have control over, all others will be a waste of time and patience. Stop preaching out and start preaching in, once that becomes your habit anything you have to say will be welcome, because you are saying to someone who will listen, YOU!!!

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