There are a lot of people that text, email, or write me for advice. The funny thing is I personally don't believe in giving advice, because most people ask for advice even though they already know what they should do. Also, many of the people giving out the advice are not in a position to do that. What I do is share my mistakes and triumphs with others and I speak to them in a completely unbiased manner. Today I would like to share with you all how to go about getting and giving advice.

Asking For ADVICE
First if you have a situation in which you would like new ears and eyes on make sure you are ready to accept what that person says and act.
Second make sure the person you ask the advice from is someone whom you respect and believe in.
Three listen to the advice, soak it in, and do your best to act upon it.

First make sure before you give the advice that you don't already have a side that you are leaning towards.
Second speak to that person understanding that it was probably not easy for them to share their problems and circumstances with you.
Third know the difference of a person that wants advice and someone that just needs someone to talk to.

I really do not know why or what made me go through this little guide, but I see a lot of people sharing their "knowledge" when nobody asked them for it. I personally have a small issue with trying to share what I know with others, but I realized that some people prefer to be ignorant and so I have made the change into allowing them to continue and carry on. We all have areas in which we may excel and others may lack, but that doesn't mean we should look down upon them. Do you know why??? Well in the area in which you lack, that person who's value you just tore down might be the only one able to bring you back up.

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