Business vs. Everything Else

Seems that recently I have had some issues with unprofessional actions being sent my way and many of my affiliates have also. I am the type of person that regardless of if I lose in the end, if I gave you my word I will stand behind it. The thing is there are actual steps we have to take when conducting business because being a man/woman of your word is a lost art with many people. I really don't care whether or not you went to school for business or have been doing it for 100 years, there is always someone out there that either wants your position, wants to get over on you in some shape or form, and they will plat and scheme against you at all cost. I don't know why it's so hard for some people to find their own way down the road of success, but they always want to take shortcuts. Personally I like doing things my way, learning from the experience, failing and trying know why??? At the end of the day I will have nobody to blame but myself if I don't succeed.

As always I am going to give a weekend homework assignment and for this weekend I would like my readers to look into their actions. Are you trying to "outsmart" and "get over" on someone? We sometimes do these things with minimal actions and those small actions may cause us to lose big in the long run. It has been engraved in me that if you are faithful and trustworthy with the small things, then you will be put in the position to receive the bigger ones. Also, do an evaluation of the people you are dealing with, because if those people are on the path of shortcuts and b/s you may be looked at in the same manner. Love you all and I wish for you to be successful, but in the right manner. See you Monday!!!!

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