Make it Work

Did you ever notice that when you start to make progress things start to go left in other areas? I don't know for sure if this happens to everyone or if I am the lucky one in the world that this happens to. All I know is that this is one of the things that let's me know I am almost there. Well whenever things start to get to difficult, that tells me to work harder and harder because my day is coming. Did you ever give up something because it got hard, only to later find out that if you would have kept pushing you would have gotten what you were working so hard at getting? One of my favorite quotes is "anything worth having, is worth fighting for" <---this is not solely to be used in relationships, I apply this to my everyday living. We are back at Monday and the first Monday of November at that. Let's recap the year, what have we let go of in the best 10 months that could have been a milestone achievement in our lives in the year 2012? What have you said "its just not worth the trouble" to and now regret not pushing forward and fighting harder. Today is the day that I will start my mission to living a healthier lifestyle once again. I started back in September and did very good for that entire month and then I started to get sick. The sickness had nothing to do with my lifestyle changes, but once I got better I found every excuse in the book not to continue.

So on my to-do list is something personal that I feel I need to accomplish. What's on your list??? Do you have a business idea you gave up on or maybe a friendship you walked away from, but still think about that person from time-to-time? While you are alive you can make a change any day of the year. Decide that today will mark the beginning of a new chapter and get to work. Push hard, harder, and until you can say I have pushed the hardest then you are not even at the tip of the mountain. I am with all my readers and if you need some advice or motivation feel free to join me on facebook or twitter. Let's inspire each other with our stories and battles. Welcome to the first full-week of November and let's make it count.

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