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People say imitation is flattering, IDK about you, but I hate it. Seriously!!! I work hard at being different and I believe I have written about this before. I will save the annoying repeat writing/reading, so I will discuss how I do appreciate inspiring others and being inspired by them.

When I decided to start doing the blog, I had yet to embark in my journey into marketing. When I did decide to take my education and experience professionally, I had some people whom embraced me and others who were threatened by me. Now when I say threatened, I am not trying to insinuate that I was above them, but I brought something new to the table.

The people whom embraced me had words of wisdom, how-to lessons, and even connections to share with me. I never once tried to imitate them, but rather I took what they taught me and made it unique to me. We can do the same thing, successfully, but not necessarily using the exact same formula.

In all aspects of life, imitation is NOT acceptable...I mean ok, it's accepted by some, but in my opinion it's lame and lazy. We should try our best to stand out in some shape or form. I notice that when people imitate, the success does not always last. WHY? Well, you aren't bringing anything new to the table. It is ok to admire someone and be inspired by them, but to want to be a carbon copy is a waste of the uniqueness we have inside of us. My advice to any and everyone is: listen to the experiences and how-tos that people are willing to share with you, but ultimately walk in your own shoes, instead of handy me downs.

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