These hoe's be actin up!!! Mom puts baby up for adoption w/out telling DAD

A South Carolina man whom was LEGALLY married to a woman was just granted custody of his daughter again. This story is toooooo damn messy. The husband Staff Sgt. Achane was living happily with the wife, Tira Bland. When Tira got pregnant finances weren't good so the husband took a job somewhere else to provide. 

The couple became estranaged, but during no time did the husband make mention that he didn't want the baby. When the wife suggested abortion or adoption the husband said no and even asked for a leave so that he could be there for the birth. 

After many attempts to locate the wife and the baby, the wife finally called and said she had the baby in Utah at the Adoption Center of Choice. The adoption agency made no efforts to communicate with the father and stated that he had abandoned the wife during pregnancy. The judge granted the dad custody, but the adoptive parents are going after a retrial. NOW WTF is THAT ABOUT???

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